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Six thefts from unlocked vehicles were reported over the weekend, Rancho Murieta Community Services District Security Chief Greg Remson said Tuesday. The previous weekend, three thefts from unlocked vehicles on the North were reported.

The latest incidents occurred on both the North and South, Remson said. Missing property included GPS devices, a DS video game system, a laptop, and an iPod.  He said the thefts involved vehicles parked in driveways that showed no signs of forced entry, although one of the victims believed his vehicle was locked.  

"These are preventable crimes. Do not leave any valuables in your car, and always keep your car locked," Remson advised residents. "The GPS units -- those are just easy to see and easy to grab. People leave laptops in their car. That's just crazy."

Remson said the latest thefts occurred on Agradar, Abierto and Celebrar on the South and Robles Grandes and Puerto on the North.

Remson said the Sacramento Sheriff's Department has been informed "and we've asked for help from them with extra patrol at night and ... what other help they can offer us."

In addition to taking preventive measures, Remson asked residents to "just keep an eye out. If they see anything out of the ordinary, something suspicious, call us immediately" at 354-2273 (CARE). For emergencies, call 911, and then notify Security, he added.

Residents are also advised to keep their garage doors closed.  "Again, that's the crime of opportunity," Remson noted. "You leave your garage door open and your car's in there. And normally you would close your garage door so who knows what you've left in your car. Hopefully not a purse or car keys."

Remson said crime victims should file a report with the Sheriff's Department by contacting the James L. Noller Safety Center at 354-8509 or using the online reporting system at www.sacsheriff.com

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Vehicle thefts

Some of these thefts from  mostly-opened vehicles hit very close to home, based on the addresses provided by Chief Remson.

How many times do people have to be told to either garage their cars or definitely lock them if left in the driveway (legally)?!

Please pay attention, folks!

Bobbi Belton

Bobbi Belton

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Absolutely Right

Thanks for the reminder, Bobbi.  You're absolutely right about locking our cars.  When we had one of these spates of thefts a few years ago, CSD also advised us to not only lock our cars, but take anything of value out of the car before locking it including stereo face plates and garage door openers.  We've made sure to do that ever since.

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My car was broken into also

I live on the South and my car was broken into also. I did leave it open and I did leave my purse in it...so I know I was asking for it. Fortunately they did not take anything...I really didn't have much to offer. They did take my purse and put it in the back of a neighbors truck. I am assuming they just wanted cash and when they didn't find any, they just left it. I don't know why they weren't interested in my 1990' s version cell phone and my over the limit credit cards!

I will be more careful..thanks for the warnings!

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Good information

Chief Remson is certainly helping us help ourselves by letting us know what items are of interest to the thieves. It seems pretty obvious that these types of items would be high on the list to steal as they can be turned into quick cash. I would be interested in knowing the hours that these crimes took place. Is there a certain window of time that seems to be prime time or are they random? Also, Janet makes an excellent point to remove garage door openers from vehicles (or at least put them out of sight) as they allow a thief entry into the garage and potentially the entire home. Most thieves steal because they are feeding a habit of some sort. That is an even larger concern.

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Sad times in the Community


I too, was a victim of a theft from my vehicle several months ago and make every effort to lock my truck each night but I can't say I never forget.  It's really sad when we see our community deteriorating around us.  Many of you provide good suggestions to prevent or should I say reduce these thefts.  I'm just wondering when I need to install the security doors on my house and bars on the windows.  A private community, with gated access.  I'm just wondering how these thieves are gaining entry into the community????

Jeff Alexander

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Sadly, this community is similar to others in that trouble brews sometimes in the best of homes. Drugs, alcohol and physical abuse can and do happen everywhere. We are just lucky that for the most part, our neighbors have chosen to live here due to the greater percentage of our populations desire for the same thing; serenity, nature, great neighbors and the safety that the current security helps to provide in their limited scope of authority.  But face it, we don't know what's happening behind our neighbors closed doors.

It would be easy to blame teenagers for these crimes, but in doing so, we discount the real danger that someone of any age, including teens can have when their lives are out of control. If you happen to have an out of control teen, contact  a counselor or get advice from county agencies on what your options are. Ask about a program called "transitions" or "601 homes". Look for books on "Tough Love". Kids may be kids, but their troubles can be horrendous and have lasting effects. Trust me, your family would not be the first to deal with these difficult kids, but don't ignore the problem. There is no shame is getting help for your child, but there is long lasting shame in pretending the problem does not exist. "Be" the parent!

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