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SMUD crew

SMUD crews worked on Jackson Road near Davis Ranch Thursday afternoon to repair damage caused by a stolen construction crane around 1 a.m. The crane snapped utility poles and tree limbs and took out overhead traffic signals between Grantline and Dillard roads before California Highway Patrol officers apprehended the driver. The incident left Rancho Murieta without power for several hours overnight and shut down Jackson Road for a time. After the road reopened, traffic was slowed in the area as repair work continued throughout the day.

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Outage handled at RMA

The day started like a bad dream for the Rancho Murieta Association Cable Department.

"We get alerted when there's a problem with the network," said Communications Manager Paul Venturella. The alerts came when the power went out overnight, and since the outage hit the entire community, there was nothing that could be done until the power came back. That's when cable personnel found that equipment on the South serving about 100 cable customers was out, and set-top boxes throughout the system had lost their data stream because of the outage. The boxes worked, but there was no program guide or DVR function.

Fixing those problems and others made for a long day for the two-person department. "It could have been a lot worse. It was certainly a lot worse for SMUD," Venturella said.

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Pole hanging from wires

I don't know if you think this pic is worth posting - thought the power pole with only the upper half there was a very strange sight - snapped it on my way home today.

Hanging pole

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Many new poles

And on the north side of Jackson Road this afternoon, we saw numerous new wooden poles -- SMUD says 10.  Guess this is why.

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He wanted to get back to Arkansas!

OMG, just heard an interview of the guy on ABC.  He's homeless and wanted to get back to Arkansas.  Oh Lord, now he has a home in jail...

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