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Fishing Day

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It was delayed a week by rain, but the sun came out Sunday for Kiwanis Kids’ Fishing Day at Lake Clementia.  Five-year-old Katarina Hartmann was one of about 100 children trying out their fishing skills. Her catch was signed in by George Fleming of the Rancho Murieta Fishing Club, then weighed and cleaned by other club members. The trout weighed a hefty two pounds, three ounces, and contenders for first-place honors weighed well over three pounds.  Kids' Fishing Day is an annual event co-sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, the Fishing Club and the California Department of Fish and Game. Trout are planted in the lake to give fledgling anglers the opportunity to  catch a prize-winning fish and win fishing gear. The event concluded with a free barbecue lunch for the children and their families, hosted by Plaza Foods.

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