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For the second time this year, the mini-storage facility on Cantova Way was hit by thieves.  It’s not clear yet how much was taken in the overnight thefts, but one Murietan reports his restoration-project truck was stolen. In the comments, another Murietan reports losing a collectible car.

Neighbor John Quiring said he lost his 1973 Dodge truck, which he was restoring for his teenage daughter.  Quiring said the truck’s automatic transmission only goes to second gear, so the truck will make a racket if driven, and the charging alternator isn’t working, so the truck won’t travel far before the battery dies.

Stolen truck

The owner says the stolen truck, a 1973 Dodge, can only get into second gear if driven.

Rancho Murieta Security Chief Greg Remson said two vehicles in the storage facility had windows smashed.

“It looked like there were some tools taken,” he said.  “There’s a possibility there was a trolling motor taken.”  He said the storage business manager is contacting tenants to try to determine what’s missing.

“There were some trailers that had toolboxes on the side ... and there were some tools left on the ground,” Remson said.  He added the thieves apparently tried to steal a flatbed trailer, but the owner had wrapped steel cable around the tires and locked it.

Remson said there were no signs of forced entry at the facility, which requires a passcode to enter and exit.  He said the thieves concentrated on the vehicles at the facility and didn’t tamper with the storage lockers.

In late January, a utility trailer, boat, and two ATVs were reported stolen from the storage facility.

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Thieves: Lost and Found

If anyone lost 1 - right hand, Black Wells Lamont size 9 large utility glove, 1 - pair of rusty visegrips, and 1 old hammer with broken glass stuck in the handle(this is really a coincidence since my window was broken)  PM me.  I'd love to return them to you.

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My car was stolen too

I want to note that my 1967 White two-door Chevelle was also stolen from the storage yard in this latest incident.  Thought you could get the word out for me.

'67 Chevelle

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Plaza, Airport Robberies

First off, we are so sorry to hear about this terrible and infuriating theft. Very much hoping there is some recovery and the theives are caught.

On that note, I'm trotting out my soap box again because tis the season.  Reliably and historically the Plaza and other Rancho Murieta area businesses are robbed at this time of year. Last year around this time, our business was hit and we discovered that it is a regular event.  Happily, due to Maple Leaf properties and PDF security systems we are all set in the security department.

That said, this is the time to make sure your cameras and alarm systems are in good working order and VIPS, Sherriff and Security are aware of any previous property crimes.

If you'd like to have an hour long security meeting with Plaza and surrounding business owners - I am happy to coordinate. nellie@hipentertainment.com


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