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Two thieves broke through a locked back gate at Rancho Murieta Airport Storage and stole a pickup truck and utility trailer late Sunday night, according to CSD Security and the California Highway Patrol. The missing vehicle is a white 1999 Ford F250 pickup truck, California license plate 6F98401.

Security Sgt. Rick Tompkins said the truck was parked outside a storage unit in the fenced storage area. A private video camera belonging to another tenant showed that two “guys” stole the truck between 10 and 10:21 p.m., Tompkins said. He didn’t know how the thieves managed to start the truck as the owner said the keys hadn’t been left behind.

The missing truck is in excellent condition. “It looked brand new and was a really nice truck,” Tompkins said.  The small utility trailer also contained many personal items. CHP Officer James Young said the responding CHP officer reviewed the camera video but wasn’t able to come up with any evidence.

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