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The door of Murieta Salon was forced open by burglars.

Three businesses at Murieta Plaza were broken into early Saturday, losing merchandise as well as office and entertainment equipment, according to Rancho Murieta Security.

Hit in the burglaries were Murieta Salon, Hip Entertainment and Socially Responsible Food Group.  The salon is on the ground floor of one Plaza building and the other businesses are on the second floor of an adjacent building.  Security said the burglaries occurred between 2:30 and 7 a.m.

Joan Williams, owner of Murieta Salon, said the break-in was discovered when the first salon employee arrived for work around 7 a.m. 

One of the business’ exterior doors had been forced, she said, and a small amount of money was taken from the register along with fewer than a dozen of the necklaces, purses and scarves that are for sale there.  The thieves ransacked drawers in the salon work stations and kicked in an interior door to get into the massage room.

Security Patrol Officer Mike Scarzella said the burglars kicked in the doors of Hip Entertainment and Socially Responsible Food Group.  The entertainment company lost computer equipment and entertainment equipment, and the other business lost no property, Scarzella said.

Scarzella said the sheriff’s department came out and collected evidence at the crime scenes.

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Items stolen from Murieta Salon

Here are photos sent by Murieta Salon owner Joan Williams -- six of the necklaces stolen from the salon early today.  If you see any of them, contact Security at 354-2273 or submit your tip at WeTip, (800) 782-7463 or www.wetip.com.






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Thank you

We're sorry for our friend's at the salon's loss. Thank you to all our friends, security and the sheriff's department for their good words and work.  Our office took a major, grand theft, hit.  I would urge all businesses to get cameras installed and alarm systems if you are not already alarmed. PDF Security will be at the Plaza in the next few days.  The police say "deterrant" is the best possible defense.  Our Plaza has now been hit at least 3 times.  Attempts at Ace, Country Store and now us.  There's no reason to believe this is the end. We will be offering an award for any information that leads to apprehension. 


We appreciate our community support very much. Thank you.

Steve and Nellie Bloom

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