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The Rancho Murieta Association and the Community Services District will hold a two-board town hall meeting on community security issues 6 p.m. Oct. 24 at the RMA Building.

The agenda indicates RMA and CSD directors will introduce themselves at the start of the meeting, followed by "verbal and written feedback from the Rancho Murieta community." The topics to be covered, the agenda says, are a community evacuation plan, front-gate procedures, cameras, traffic enforcement, Neighborhood Watch, the back lakes and the Escuela Gate.

In recent months, the RMA has called for resuming Joint Security Committee meetings to address what it saw as a drop-off in Security enforcement, especially issuing citations for moving violations. (Security has stepped up that effort in recent months.) At the same time, the CSD has wanted to hold a meeting to make broad points about the responsibilities of Security in the community.

The agenda for the Oct. 24 meeting says the Joint Security Committee will be discussed at the end of the session.

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Audience for CSD-RMA security meeting

Mark Martin, the CSD's general manager, suggests this addition to the story:

"I would add to the Town Hall article that RMA/CSD are inviting all other community stakeholders within the District (Murieta Villages, Developer, Airport, Industrial, Commercial area owners, etc.) to attend this meeting and provide comments on their concerns under the 'Public Comment' portion of the meeting."

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