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→ Video of RMA meeting (1 hour, 22 minutes)

The Rancho Murieta Association board, holding its monthly meeting Tuesday night, applauded the traffic-enforcement efforts that have been made recently on the community's streets.

“Over the summer, since June/July, I commend our staff and (the Community Services District) for getting together and establishing some traffic enforcement guidelines," said Director Jim Crowder, who chairs the Compliance Committee. "Before that could be implemented, the residents reached a point of frustration where they attended both RMA and CSD and voiced their concerns.”

Residents were worried about traffic enforcement and safety in the community, he said. “CSD has stepped up,” Crowder said, “and the amount of enforcement for both speeding and stop-sign violations has increased quite a bit. It’s making an impact on the community. I know myself when I drive around, people are pretty much going much slower than they used to. That’s our goal right there.”

He reminded residents that they’re responsible for the actions of guests and vendors who come into the community.

Director Larry Shelton commended the RMA and CSD staffs for writing 152 speeding violations in August. “The way I look at it,” he said, “is we had a significant problem, and we were not addressing it.” Danise Hetland, assistant general manager, said there have been 435 moving violation citations issued since the beginning of the year. Crowder added, “That’s significant. So the message is getting out, and the residents are finding out that we’re enforcing the CC&Rs.”

“The key thing is, we don’t want the money,” Crowder said, referring to the fines. “All we want is behavior modification. We just want people to obey the CC&Rs. That’s it.”

Les Clark, a CSD director who said he was speaking as a member of the association, said the CSD wants to work cooperatively to help relaunch a Joint Security Committee “and to make it effective this time.”

The Joint Security Committee, with representatives from the RMA, CSD, Village, Country Club, commercial operators and the developers, has been an on and off proposition for two decades. After meeting regularly for some time – but, critics claimed, accomplishing nothing – it was nearly scuttled in 2005 and gradually fell off the organizations’ calendars. It was relaunched in 2008. In 2010, unhappy about the level of Security services, the RMA board voted to withdraw from the meetings. The committee returned in 2012, addressing projects like security cameras, but gradually faded away again. 

Clark said he has reviewed minutes of the committee’s meetings from the CSD files and he feels the committee was too focused on minutia but could have been effective if it had focused on policy-level issues. He and Crowder agreed to work to make the committee productive.

Director Rob Brown asked the board if directors wanted to hold a community meeting to set a direction for Joint Security, and the notion of a town hall was supported by several directors. A couple of directors talked about this in connection with a planned Neighborhood Watch program meeting Saturday, which has since been canceled

In other business...

  • The board approved holding the association’s annual meeting and board election 7 p.m. Nov. 15. There are three candidates for two board seats. It also gave unanimous approval to Ken Poole as inspector of elections and to Frank Dininger, Mary Dininger, Kevin O’Keefe, Bob Pritchard, Tom Reimers, Mary Silvis and Dave Witt as members of the tally committee, which counts the votes. Candidates Night will be 7 p.m. Oct. 17.
  • The board gave unanimous approval to a Casino Night in late February following 45 minutes of discussion at last month’s meeting. Director Stephanie Bianchi, who heads the Recreation Committee, said that group is prepared to absorb any losses in its budget if the event doesn't work out financially.
  • Stephanie Xenos, who has lived in the community about a year, asked the board to help a group of 10 “amazing ladies” welcome new homeowners to the community. She said the group wants to visit new Murietans and provide community information with a “warm personal welcome” and contact information for the visitors. In addition, she said there could be coupons from local businesses, information on local groups, and maybe, in the future, a small gift. She asked the board to share the information it receives from new homeowners because public escrow records can take up to two months to be available. In the future, she said it’s possible the group would partner with the RMA on its welcome wagon. The board said it would put the item on next month’s agenda and discuss it then.
  • The board unanimously approved renewing the association’s general insurance policy for $77,180 and workers compensation insurance for $50,979. General Manager Greg Vorster said the premiums total about $4,000 more than last year’s. 
  • The board unanimously approved spending $4,000 a year for its website from a new vendor, Neighbor Network. Five directors had a remote demonstration of the site, General Manager Greg Vorster said. He and the directors talked about new technology the site would offer – payments, forms downloading and more – and Vorster said the new company estimated staff maintenance for the site at about an hour a week, which some directors doubted, pointing to the level of information the RMA hopes to impart through the site. Vorster asked that two directors help steer the new site’s design.
  • The board will hold a workshop on its 2019 budget at 6 p.m. Nov. 8.
  • Prompted by Director Joanne Brandt, the RMA will paint a crosswalk on Pera Drive at the Pera path, near Escuela Drive, which she has identified as a safety issue. Maintenance Manager Rod Hart said he believes this can be done in the coming weeks.
  • General Manager Greg Vorster said the new Clementia restrooms, originally hoped to be installed by early summer, should be delivered and installed by the end of this month.

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It's about time.  Speeding on Murieta S. Parkway has reduced significantly.  There are still some offenders and impatient commuters who won't let a resident back out their driveway but the numbers are going down.

John Hein

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dont back up


Dont back out of your driveway. Back IN... to your driveway, so you dont have to back out. "just saying".

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Good one

Maybe you're right Bunky. Getting in my be a little tougher but getting out would be a breeze. Funny thing is the 10 seconds it would take for anyone to let me back out.

John Hein

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