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Halloween decorations

Maybe someone can explain, but many Murietans reacted with surprise as they passed the remains of the burned-out home at Murieta Parkway and Camino Del Lago. Somehow the home has been decorated for Halloween. On Sunday there were pumpkins and ghosts in the windows, a bit of orange and black streamers and a witch's hat hanging from the tree. (Click photo for larger image.)

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I love it - if you're not going to knock it down, you may as well decorate it for Halloween. Looks like a perfect haunted house to me!

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Why is that nasty mess still standing?

You can expect to see lots of burnouts in Detroit...  I hear it's pretty much a lawless slum these days. 

Makes you wonder what good the CC&R's are, I guess they don't apply to that property/owner. 

Neighors must love it too.


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Nasty Mess still standing

I don't know but I'm guessing that the holdup is due to the insurance company.....you know how they are...they take the money fast but when it comes to payout, they crawl like a snail !!!!  I'm sure the folks that own that house are very frustrated by the delay !!!! Perhaps that's why our homeowners association can't do anything about it......just guessing !!!!!

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How many years they drag this out?

How long has it been since the fire? 2 or 3 years at least.  I would think its about time to pile it up and start over.

Maybe RM.com can find out what the hold up is?

In fact it might be nice to enlighten us all on other destitute looking properties.  There's another at the bottom of the hill on that same street. 

Editorial Title:  "Urban Blight In RM!"  - Abandoned Eye Sores



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I whish I thought of doing

I whish I thought of doing that. wink I feel sorry for the owners but it fits the season. 

Bruce Cann

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Burned building demolition

Greg Vorster, the RMA's general manager, says they've been told by the building owner that demolition is scheduled for Thursday.

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