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The pickup was struck with such force that it was driven off the driveway. (Click for larger image)

A pickup truck in a driveway on Camino Del Sol Drive was hit Monday morning by a driver who fled the scene. Witnesses describe the fleeing vehicle as a dark SUV-type that headed down Camino Del Sol toward Ventana Drive. 

The homeowner, Paul Candalino, said he was asleep at the time of the accident, 6:45 a.m., and slept through the crash. He said he found the damage to his Ford F-150 around 7:30, when he went out to fetch the newspaper.

The hit-and-run vehicle left the road and drove diagonally across Candalino’s lawn and struck his pickup with such force that it drove the rear of the truck off the driveway.

“The road curves a little bit to the right there,” Candalino said, “and it was like (the driver) just didn’t make that little curve to the right. It was like somebody wasn’t paying attention – like texting or something....” The accident happened a half-hour before sunrise.

Candalino said a neighbor provided the description of the accident vehicle, but it was too dark to provide its color – “just that it was dark.”

In addition to the damage to the truck, the vehicle broke the cable box before hitting the truck. Candalino said the suspect vehicle left no broken glass or headlight shards behind, just some plastic debris.

Candalino said he notified the CHP and Rancho Murieta Security about the incident. He said he heard from Security Chief Jeff Werblun Monday afternoon, and Security had gone through its outbound-gate recordings and hadn’t spotted a likely vehicle.

If you have video surveillance recordings of nearby streets at that hour or other information about the accident, Candalino asks that you call him at (916) 354-8797.

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Vehicle Accident Camino Del Sol

I' am guessing it's someone who lives here in Rancho Murieta that caused this accident? Sorry Paul that you have to go through this ordeal and wanted to thank you personally,  For allowing me to borrow your truck a few  years back when my car broke down and needed  a vehicle for  a couple of  day's  to get my girl's  to school! It was a life saver. Thank you so much!

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