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Plane crash

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire responded when the aircraft crashed around 9:45 Thursday morning.

Two men in a small, experimental aircraft were injured when the plane skidded, ran off the runway at Rancho Murieta Airport and flipped over about 9:45 a.m. Thursday. One man was critically injured and was airlifted to UC Davis Medical Center, according to Capt. Christian Pebbles of Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. The other man, who had lesser injuries, was transported by ambulance, he said.

The airport was closed to traffic for a time after the accident.

An eyewitness described the pilot as a man in his 70s and an inexperienced pilot, while the passenger was described as a man in his 40s who was an experienced pilot. The witness said the men were not Rancho Murieta residents.

Pebbles said it's not clear how the accident occurred, and that will be up to aviation officials to determine.

According to the witness, the accident occurred during landing. Skid marks on the runway continue into the dirt next to runway and lead up to the nose of the flipped plane.

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