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Security received two reports of daytime garage burglary attempts on the South Wednesday afternoon – one successful, one not successful.

In the first incident, on Seguridad Drive, the homeowner wrote on social media that while she was out for less than three hours in the middle of the day, nine saddles and several table saws were taken from the garage. A couple of months ago, her husband’s truck was stolen from the driveway, she wrote. She asked for information if anyone saw the burglary in progress. 

In the second incident, reported to Security an hour later, someone attempted to force the door to get into a garage on Reynosa Drive. The door was damaged, the Security logs said, but the entry attempt was unsuccessful.

“Since both were garages and near each other, and occurred during the daytime, one can assume they were related crimes,” Security Chief Jeff Werblun wrote in an email Thursday.

Werblun could not offer further details. He said both incidents were referred to the Sheriff’s Department.

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