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Three unlocked vehicles on Abierto Drive were burglarized overnight Saturday/Sunday and a bicycle was taken from a garage on the same street, Security reports.

Security Chief Jeff Werblun said Monday that some of the stolen property was recovered later in the area and returned to the owners, but he couldn’t provide more information. The department’s Security Logs say burglaries were reported on Abierto Drive and Rebano Court.

Posts on social media over the weekend said incidents also occurred on Reynosa and Nueva drives. It’s not known if those reports were inaccurate or if incidents weren’t reported to Security.

“People are continuing to leave their houses and cars unlocked,” Werblun wrote in an email about the thefts. “They are leaving their items of value in the cars. The plain truth is this – if a criminal wants it, they will get it by whatever means they feel fit.  However, your job as a citizen is to make that as difficult as you can so they leave your stuff alone and move on. Most of the time simply locking your cars/houses/garages and not leaving valuables in sight will accomplish this. Not securing your property is making you a victim just waiting for it to happen.”

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