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Community leaders and business partners turned out Wednesday morning for a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Murieta Inn & Spa, a facility born out of the lack of accommodations for visitors using the Murieta Equestrian Center.  The 83-room hotel is scheduled to open in a year across from Murieta Plaza. The day also touched on new development plans for all of Murieta North and the possibility of a community center.

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Such great ideas

I believe this is going to be a great thing for Rancho Murieta! I love the idea of having the Community Center closer to the Country club. These are things that RM needs out here to bring more familes to the area so that it can grow and prosper. Myself, being a young family out here cant wait to see the RM of the future. Its gorgeous out here and I will never want to move. Great Job to the Planners and Developers for this project! 

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Facebook comments on the plans

As of noon, RM.com's Facebook page has dozens of likes for this story and the following comments: 

Patricia Smith This will be great  can't wait we need to get Murieta up with the times

Gadfly Granny (Marcia Fields Reimers) I love how this went from the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the new hotel, which I most certainly welcome, to "selling" the expansion of "villages" (homes) around our lakes. Sullivan tries his best to put a positive spin on that expansion by talking about the "community center"... Those who moved out here because of the beautiful lakes and tree studded hillsides, can kiss those goodbye if all these "villages" are built.

Debbie Alires-Kolmodin Yea looks like he will infiltrate an abundance of homes in here by 2016.... What happened to our small community feel??? Hotel and new shopping center I can see but we certainly don't need to be crowded like they are in other communities. We should try to stop it!!

Andreas O. Garza Folks should look at the community plan in the RMA building. The whole place is slated to be developed.

Floyd Luman Debbie these developers paid millions of dollars to purchase Rancho Murieta and probably millions more for permits to build on their land that's how developers make a living. Rancho Murieta's development has been approved by the county since the 1970's, these developers are not springing something on the residents that is a total surprise. I don't see how someone could buy a home in Rancho Murieta, see all the vacant land that is available and not know homes are on the way someday. I say let's work with the developers and see how we can make Rancho Murieta the best it can be for both residents and the developer. I moved my family to Rancho Murieta in 1977. My wife and I raised two children here owned the Country Store for ten years and I can tell you in my opinion the current developer is what Rancho Murieta has needed for a long time. Many of these developers live in or around Rancho Murieta and will have a vested interest in a positive outcome.

Wilbur Haines there isn't enough water for the total # of homes slated (it was always a bogus number picked from thin air) and now water is being siphoned off for a hotel and major commercial development. Unquestionably more housing units are in our future but the total number and the fate of our most precious nature areas in the back are open to, and will face, serious debate.

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Future development

On the one hand we're dying from global warming, on the other hand development is good for our future.


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