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The Murieta Village Association board voted unanimously Monday morning to support opposition by Village residents to the Rancho Murieta Association’s attempt to charge Villagers who want to use RMA facilities.

The RMA sent the Village association a letter last month, outlining the reasons for a $62 monthly fee and asked for the association’s reply by last Thursday. The association didn’t reply by then, but a half-dozen residents started going door to door in the Village and gathered 173 signatures on a petition presented to the RMA Wednesday.

“We don’t know, if they ask, if our board supports us in what we’re doing,” resident Jon Nickles, one of the petition organizers, told the Village board Monday, referring to plans to attend the RMA meeting.

“The board hasn’t really come to a board position on this subject, Jon,” Lew Parkinson, the president, replied. He said the board had decided to share the RMA’s letter with the community but put off developing a response until the community was heard from.

“I’m in support of the group,” Parkinson said, asking his board members how they felt. They all agreed.

Parkinson said he had prepared a brief letter to the RMA in support of the residents’ petition.

“We can have it over there today,” he said, “which, quote, doesn’t meet their time schedule, but their time schedule is not necessarily our time schedule.”

Garland Alcorn, another of the petition organizers, said the RMA told him all Village residents are welcome at Tuesday’s 6:30 p.m. meeting, but only three speakers from the Village will be allowed, each granted the customary three minutes at the podium. He said the three speakers had been chosen.

“We’re not going over there in a heated session,” Alcorn said. “We’re going over there to speak like adults. We’re going to present some facts to them, hoping that they will listen to what we have to say. We’re not there to debate with them about any issue. ... Whatever they decide to do, we can react to that.”

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