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The Country Club restroom at the end of De La Cruz Drive was among the targets.

Security wants your help in identifying the person who spray-painted graffiti around the community late Saturday or early Sunday. On Monday, Security said the incidents occurred at a golf course restroom at the end of De La Cruz Drive, a garage on Guadalupe Drive, and possibly a vehicle parked at the Gazebo.

Security Chief Paul Wagner said the department received calls about the graffiti all day Sunday, as residents discovered it.

Wagner said the Sheriff’s Department has been notified. If you have information about the vandalism, you can contact Wagner by email (pwagner@ranchomurietacsd.com), phone (354-3700) or at the front desk at the Community Services District Building.

We appreciate the residents who shared the news Sunday at RanchoMurieta.com. We are handling photos of the incidents carefully, because we don’t want to further the vandal’s work and because the graffiti is profane and includes the names of people.

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Not long ago there were two youths who were videoed doing damage to the Clubhouse. The report to DOT com said that the two youth were identified and arrest would be made. Maybe I missed the good news arrest spot on dot com?

If in fact I didn't and therefore no arrest were made, I believe this graffitti issue will be a case where the responsible youths will be identified but no prosecution based on the fact that Security does not want to embarrase Mom and Dad

Youth vandelism will only be tempered when arrest and convictions are made

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Comments about the graffiti...

Reader comments from RanchoMurieta.com's Facebook page:

  • Jacque Villa No one has reported it to me today.......!!!!!!
  • Julie Cager I hope someone comes forward with information.
  • Victoria Casares Parents..do you know what your children are doing and where they are?
  • Ginny Macko Trust me, if I know, I would certainly out them
  • Julie Ann Although I know living in Rancho Murieta does not make us exempt from this kind of thing- I guess I just had hope that kids (or adults) living in such a great place would be thankful and respect this awesome place. Too many of these stories are coming out.
  • Wilbur Haines i cannot remember a time when we did not have a group of tweeners/early teens, usually well known to security, who periodically did such stuff. It seems to be a rite of passage for some bored, overprivileged and underparented teenyboppers.
  • Michelle Hubbell Well, until they start prosecuting kids( who are usually over 18) or naming names online, as would happen in other neighborhoods, nothing will change. We had our decorations ruined for the fashion show, but seems nothing happened.
  • Mila Carmona As long as there is no subsequent punishment, why would they stop ?NOTHING ever happens to the vandals or thieves, but god forbid, they catch me with my dogs off leash.. or gasp... a trash can violation.....
  • Robin Albee-Kesich There was a vehicle Camino del Lago with graffiti on it slurring women.
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Country Club thoughts on prosecuting vandals

Saying “We gave our best effort to it,” Vern Wallace, Country Club board member, explained why there has been no prosecution in the vandalism of Women’s Club decorations one night in late September. Two suspects were caught on videotape walking the club’s halls.

From the perspective of law enforcement and the justice system, Wallace said at Tuesday night’s club meeting, “There’s a difference between knowing who they are and being able to prove it.” He added, “I can guarantee you we know who did it. I can guarantee you we can’t prove it. Therefore the D.A. will not prosecute.”

“We definitely know who it was," Vince Lepera, club president, added later. "We spoke to his parents. That gentleman’s been removed from the membership. He’s banned from the club for at least a period of three years. And he’s also bringing us a check for $500, made out to the Women’s Club.”

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