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Bill (Birdman) Gengler shares one of his nature photos and this note: "Took this picture today of what seems to be a juvenile bald eagle sitting on a power pole on the backside of Lake Calero.  It had a dinner in its claws and flew away into the trees to eat it.  Yes, the hawks and eagles are still around our lakes even though it is hot out there after Summer Solstice. Have a good day."

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Young Eagle

Amazing photo, Captain Bill, Well Done! How close did you get to this raptor? Is that the remnants of you in its claws? Keep 'em coming.

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OSPREY or Young Eagle

Now that I have studied/looked at my "Eagle"  photo I can be quite sure that it's not a juvenile Eagle, but a beautiful OSPREY hanging around Lake Calero.  Either, or, it is a beautiful raptor with a dinner in its claws.

William Gengler


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