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Neighbor Tony Avampato, who volunteered last year to haul Murieta donations to the Santa Rosa fire victims, is stepping up again, this time to help the people who’ve lost everything in Paradise.

Avampato asks you to contact him if you can donate any of the following items. He’ll collect donations this week and work with a friend’s company to transport the items this weekend. You can either drop items at Avampato’s home or he’ll come pick them up.

Reach Avampato at (408) 348-6737 or relotony@yahoo.com.

Here’s a list of needed items (boldfaced items are most desperately needed):

  • Animals: Collars, leashes, cat litter, food bowls, food, towels, carriers, beds.
  • Large animals: Halters, lead ropes, hay, grains.
  • For elderly residents: Warm clothes, shoes, socks, coats. (There is a large community of elderly folks in the area.)
  • Adults/children: Coats, jackets, sweatshirts, general clothes, women’s undergarments, shoes, baby items and toys.
  • Other Items: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, paper cups/plates, paper towels, water, air mattresses, pillows, pillow cases, sheets, towels, backpacks, suitcasesduffel bags.
  • Gift Cards: Gas (Shell, Chevron, Valero), Visa (specifically to help cover vet bills), Raley’s, FoodMaxx, Walmart, Grocery Outlet, Costco, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, Dollar General.

This list comes to Avampato through a friend, whose co-worker writes:

Hi All,

I’m am sure you all have heard how devastating the Camp Fire has been to the Paradise/Chico community. My husband’s family has been directly impacted by the fire. His parents’ home is the only home left standing in the Butte Creek Canyon - close to the famous Honey Run covered bridge. They thought all had been lost along with all their neighbors. Their direct family in Paradise was not so lucky. 5 families; aunts, uncles and cousins have lost their homes. Thousands have been affected as well and donations are highly needed.

This weekend my husband and I filled our car full of donations and took them to the Elks Lodge in Chico. The parking lot was filled with melted cars and people gathering supplies to restart.  We were greeted by amazing volunteers who were filled with gratitude for every donation. Our donations went directly into the hands of people who needed the items. The volunteers didn’t even have time to set the items down to be sorted. It was a very touching moment and we felt like everything we gave would go to someone who needed it.

Driving through town was emotional. There were people camped out everywhere. We drove past the fairgrounds which have been the base camp for all the firetrucks and service people to park and rest. All the vehicles were charred and there were people scattered on the ground sleeping.  It seemed like every corner was filled with people holding donation signs.

Most individuals/families who are displaced are all staying at shelters or in host locations until they can figure out their next steps They are in a major state of uncertainty and transition. Items to get them through this time are most needed right now. All items will be taken to the local donation centers to be distributed.

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Paradise donations are welcome

In response to a Bee story saying donations are now a problem, not a help, Tony Avampato made contact with the shelter that will get our donations. The bottom line: Donors should focus on the boldfaced items in the list. Those items are still needed, and they will be most welcome.

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