Catching the ring of fire (by accident)

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Bill Gengler, dean of the RM photographic community, went out in pursuit of an eclipse photo Sunday and came back with this happy accident. He explains, "I couldn't get a shot of the ring of fire cause I was using the camera to shoot directly at the sun. You can see the bright sun, can't you? But, if you look below and to the left, you will see the solar eclipse as it was duplicated in the sky. The photo was taken at about 6:35 pm. Honest, I didn't put it in there. I did see on TV reports that the sun was sending images of itself through the trees etc. to be seen on walls. I was really getting frustrated, but wow." Anybody else try to photograph the eclipse? Read more » about Catching the ring of fire (by accident)

The flowers are high as a hummingbird's eye

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Morning hummingbird

A hummingbird at sunrise was captured the other day by neighbor Steve DeMello.  Steve quietly added this photo and other beauties to his gallery of nature photos, which is well worth a look.  (Do you have photos that you'd like to display in a gallery?  Drop a note to Read more » about The flowers are high as a hummingbird's eye

'Super moon' rises over Murieta

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Super moon

They call this weekend's full moon a "super moon" because it's as close to Earth as it gets and looks 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than the norm. Photographer Bill "Moonman" Gengler captured this shot of the super moon rising over Murieta Saturday evening. You'll have another shot to see the super moon Sunday night, when the moon rises a little after 9 p.m. Read more » about 'Super moon' rises over Murieta

Turkey makes big entrance (and exit) at Club

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Broken windowIt seems unlikely that a big, ungainly bird like a turkey can get off the ground. But they can and do, sometimes with disastrous results. Such was the Country Club's experience last Sunday, after a turkey made a scene coming and going.

The turkey pulverized one window but went through this one and left a cutout such as you'd see in a Road Runner cartoon. (Photo by Club server Michael Chandra) Read more » about Turkey makes big entrance (and exit) at Club

A light show that can stop traffic

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The rain that rolled through at dinnertime Saturday left a spectacular rainbow in its wake, arcing across the sky from horizon to horizon.  All over Rancho Murieta, drivers pulled over to catch the show. Read more » about A light show that can stop traffic

Planting trees for future generations

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The Sacramento Tree Foundation and dozens of volunteers planted nearly 200 trees Saturday morning on wetlands at the eastern tip of Rancho Murieta, off Jigger Court.  They planted valley oaks, live oaks and blue oaks and the Tree Foundation will be back in a couple of weeks to finish the job with 50 or 60 more plantings.  The volunteers -- from the Lions Club, Sac State’s Red Cross student association and other groups -- wrapped up at noon after several hours of work, below, leaving Tree Foundation staff and interns with some final cleanup, above. Read more » about Planting trees for future generations

Concerns aired about network of trails through private property

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White Rock trail

One trail, called White Rock, begins just below the Country Club's lower parking lot and heads along the Cosumnes River toward the Yellow Bridge.

An extensive trails network created by a group of community volunteers is fueling trespassing concerns at the same time the group is seeking approval from landowners and local authorities for the trails, which are being developed on private properties without official oversight or owner permission. Read more » about Concerns aired about network of trails through private property

Among Murieta's most-celebrated residents...

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Has anyone spent more time with Rancho Murieta's bald eagles than Bill (Birdman) Gengler? It's unlikely.  In a note accompanying his latest photos, more of which you can find in one of Bill's photo galleries, he wrote, "A couple of bald eagles went to their favorite tree today. (They said they would be back.) You may note that in the first picture the eagle has feathers under his feet and there is a strange looking object to the right of him on the tree branch. In the other pictures you can see the everyday stare at the person taking the pictures. And then, the vultures who usually sit in the tree must have been kicked off by the eagles. Finally (OMG) there is a picture of two friendly hawks (maybe spouses) having a discussion on a tree at Calero." Read more » about Among Murieta's most-celebrated residents...

Vet confirms report that mountain lion killed pet in Rancho Murieta

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In recent weeks, a story about a mountain lion killing a small dog in Rancho Murieta North has been making the rounds and alarming pet owners. The source is an Elk Grove veterinarian who has talked to clients but not to officials about the attack.

Security was not called about the incident. "I am surprised that the victim didn't call and I'm certainly surprised that the vet didn't call," said Security Chief Greg Remson when discussing emails reporting the incident. Read more » about Vet confirms report that mountain lion killed pet in Rancho Murieta

... And a partridge on a dead tree

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Bill "Birdman" Gengler offers two holiday photos and suggests the "partridge" headline on his photo of one of our quail at Lake Calero. Thanks, Bill, for being a terrific contributor to for years. And thanks to all of you for being great neighbors and making Rancho Murieta a special place. Merry Christmas!

Read more » about ... And a partridge on a dead tree


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