A morning cold, foggy and beautiful

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Photo and caption from member Steve DeMello, who shares beautiful photos frequently: "Recent cold and foggy weather has made for some spectacular sunrises and has not deterred the Rancho Murieta Ladies from completing their morning walks around Lake Chesbro and Lake Calero.  The ladies in the attached photo suggested that I send you the attached image. Thanks and Merry Christmas." Read more » about A morning cold, foggy and beautiful

At home for the holidays in Rancho Murieta...

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Bill Gengler, "the birdman of Rancho Murieta," writes of his first eagle encounter of the new season, with two photos here and the rest in the Gengler Wing of the photo gallery: "The eagle was waiting for me, and as soon as I took these he flew away. Yesterday, I got these photos of a vulture 'occupying' the same spot on the tree. The eagle must have scared him off the branches. Got this beautiful picture of the hawk on Lake Calero yesterday and also the woodpecker at Chesbro. The vulture was enjoying the warm sun and speading his wings around Lake Guadalupe this afternoon. Oh, and although it wasn't planned I did wake and and get this picture of the moon entering a total eclipse at 6 a.m. Too bad it was hazy and I was half awake. Have a Rancho Day and enjoy." Read more » about At home for the holidays in Rancho Murieta...

Happy Thanksgiving, RM!

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Neighbor Bill Gengler, celebrated for his nature photography, captured this photo. See more in a gallery of his turkey photos. Read more » about Happy Thanksgiving, RM!

Bobcat sighting at Lake Clementia

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Member Frank Falusi spotted this bobcat the other day beside Lake Clementia.  “It lay quietly for several minutes while I took numerous photos and then, apparently having satisfied its human sighting needs for the day, the bobcat slowly moved off into the bushes,” Falusi writes.  It's not clear if it's the same bobcat that has been spotted around Lake Calero this year.  Your photos and news tips are always welcome here.  Let us know at 354-3916 or editor@ranchomurieta.com. Read more » about Bobcat sighting at Lake Clementia

Why you don't let your pets roam

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Injured dog

Jonathan Reader's dog, Bear, suffered these injuries when he slipped out one night last week. Bear's owners think he may have tangled with the bobcat seen in the area in recent months.

The owners of a dog injured in an area frequented by a bobcat are concerned their pet may have had an encounter with the animal. “I just want people to be aware,” said Stephanie Reader. “We’re thankful he’s alive.” Her husband, Jonathan, offers this advice for living with wildlife: Don’t let your pets out, and be careful. Read more » about Why you don't let your pets roam

Goodbye to another summer

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Under a rising moon and clouds that hinted of autumn, the Entertainment, Theatre & Culture 2011 season ended Saturday night at Lake Clementia Amphitheater.  For many of us, that means another summer is over. (Click photo to see larger image.) Read more » about Goodbye to another summer

A bobcat's quiet Sunday afternoon

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Neighbor Steven DeMello has posted a couple of photos of a bobcat he spotted Sunday at Lake Calero. You can see another photo in his gallery.  Last month, neighbor David Kozak shared photos of a bobcat he saw at Calero. You decide if they're the same cat.
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Bobcat spotted in a tree at Calero

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Neighbor David Kozak saw this bobcat while walking his dog Saturday morning on a trail in the wooded area around Rancho Murieta's Lake Calero. He has seen the bobcat three or four times recently in the early morning and in the evening, and guessed its weight at 30 to 35 pounds. Kozak shared six more photos, which follow. Read more » about Bobcat spotted in a tree at Calero

Moments in the sun in Murieta

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BalloonA few slices of life in Rancho Murieta, captured by RM.com members.

From Judy Leezer: "Came home last night to find our first new fawn."  From Jacquie Ferguson: "Early Friday morning balloon photo."  And from Bill (Birdman) Gengler: "The always-present vulture clan has taken over the bald eagle roost on the lake for the time being, to spread their enormous wings, enjoy the sun and dry out. RM residents should have the same feeling of enjoyment and warmth as we are finally seeing the sun.  Nice place for people and birds too."

Thanks to all the community photographers! Maybe spread your enormous wings and enjoy the sun too this weekend.

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Protect your pets from predators

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Rancho Murieta pet owners have received another warning, this one grisly, to look after their pets and not let them roam. Read more » about Protect your pets from predators


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