The last days of summer vacation

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The white pelicans were back the other day at the large lake at the Murieta Equestrian Center, as neighbor (and celebrated bird photographer) Bill Gengler found. Bill and his camera were there when the pelicans visited in June.  (Click photo for larger image.) Read more » about The last days of summer vacation

The biggest mouth in Rancho Murieta?

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Probably not the biggest. But when dozens of white pelicans stopped at the Equestrian Center's pond this week, this fellow's yapper certainly cracked Murieta's top 10.  It's no surprise by now that this photo is by neighbor Bill "Birdman" Gengler. He has more wonderful pelican photos in a forum post. Read more » about The biggest mouth in Rancho Murieta?

They're not pretty, just beautiful

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Turkey vultures are probably the ugliest beautiful things you'll ever see.  Bill "Birdman" Gengler just added 10 photos of turkey vultures to his wing of the member photo gallery.  There's a wing awaiting your Murieta photos.  Just drop a line to and we'll get you started.  Click here to visit the vultures. Read more » about They're not pretty, just beautiful

Growing up in the red-light district

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Red light nest

Red light nestSince 2001, when traffic signals were installed at the South Gate, the intersection has become home to nesting blackbirds every spring -- but only the three lights that face the Community Services District Building's driveway, and only the red lights. Bill Gengler, the photographer who is known as the "birdman of Rancho Murieta,"  notes that the birds pose no threat to traffic. "They look bigger than life because of the close-up nature of the photographs. They do not block the view of the lights from the road, as it almost shines through them, the light is so bright," he wrote in the e-mail accompanying these recent photos.  (Photos by Bill Gengler) Read more » about Growing up in the red-light district

Photos submitted by members

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If you haven't seen the latest photos from Bill "Birdman" Gengler, take a look in the forums.  In this installment, Bill tracks  pelicans visiting our community.  As usual, his photography is almost as remarkable as the wildlife it captures.

Gengler photos

And member Jeff Birchard offers his first Murieta wildlife photos -- an owl, a rattlesnake at dinner and more.

Birchard photos Read more » about Photos submitted by members

Afraid of snakes? Don't look here

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RattlerIn the Forums, neighbor Tim Leesley shares three photos of a rattlesnake that swam alongside his boat at Clementia.  And unless you're scared of snakes, you don't want to miss the photos.  (We added some tips on avoiding problems with rattlesnakes.)

By the way, you can click the snake photos to enlarge them -- if you dare.

Do you have photos of Murieta wildlife or scenery?  Please share them with your neighbors by e-mailing them to editor@ranchomurieta.comRead more » about Afraid of snakes? Don't look here

A regal bearing on Lake Clementia

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Neighbor Bill Gengler, who has been publishing wonderful bird photos here for months, offers this new shot (click to see it larger) and a message: "OK, 'the birdman of Rancho Murieta' is back with another unusual bird. Pictured is a Mute Swan in Lake Clementia.  Very unusual, because the bird doesn't live on the West Coast of the U.S.  It lives north of the border on Vancouver Island and in portions of the Midwest and East Coast. Guess it is called Mute because it is pretty silent, unlike its relatives, the Whooper and Trumpeter swans. Have a RM Day." Read more » about A regal bearing on Lake Clementia

Will the real goose please stand up?

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A Canada goose stayed on shore and left the swimming to decoys Saturday afternoon at Guadalupe Lake. (Click photo to see large image.) Read more » about Will the real goose please stand up?

The latest bald eagle photo

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Neighbor Bill Gengler, who's quickly becoming the Birdman of Rancho Murieta, publishes his latest photo of our neighbor bald eagle in the Forums.  He has published a lot of great photos here, but this might be his best.  And he got a shot of another bird you've probably never seen in Murieta.  (For the archive of eagle photos published by members in January, click here and here.) Read more » about The latest bald eagle photo

A dozen photos of bald eagles in RM

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Eagle in flight

Neighbor Steven DeMello is the latest to weigh in with eagle photos.  The shot above is from neighbor Denise Prince.  There are now 12 eagle shots in the current bald eagle thread in the Forums. Read more » about A dozen photos of bald eagles in RM


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