CSD challenges developer's claims on water

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The Community Services District board let a proposed DUI enforcement policy die for lack of a second to a motion Wednesday, received the annual Security Department report and heard General Manager Ed Crouse deliver a history of the district's water treatment operations. Crouse provided perspective on negotiations for expanding the water treatment plant and challenged Murieta Gardens developer John Sullivan’s claims that his project is entitled to water. Read more » about CSD challenges developer's claims on water

Vandals slash a dozen tires on North street

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Nine vehicles suffered slashed tires Friday evening on Lindero Lane, Security reported Saturday.

Security Sgt. Jim Bieg said a dozen tires were slashed between 6:30 and 9:45 p.m. Security canvassed the area after receiving their second report of the vandalism and discovered other victims, Bieg said.

No cars were broken into, he said, although two girls’ bikes had been loaded into the back of one of the vandalized vehicles.

“This is all apparent vandalism for the sake of vandalism,” Bieg said.

One of the victims posted a comment about the vandalism Saturday morning at RM.com. Lindero Lane is on Laguna Joaquin in Murieta North. Read more » about Vandals slash a dozen tires on North street

Car burglaries hit North and South

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Security received reports of thefts from three vehicles that occurred overnight Saturday. Chief Greg Remson said Tuesday that items taken from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways on Pera and Lago Drives on the North and on Murieta South Parkway included 20 CDs, keys, a radio adapter, a ring and a GPS device.

"Don't leave property in your cars, and lock them up," Remson reminded residents.  "And call us if you see or hear anything you think is out of the ordinary because we will certainly go and take a look in the area." Contact Security dispatch by calling 354-2273 (CARE).

The victim of one of the thefts posted a classified ad on RM.com offering a $1,000 reward for the return of stolen jewelry. Read more » about Car burglaries hit North and South

After six thefts, Security says watch your cart

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In recent weeks, six golf carts have been stolen and then abandoned, apparently used as quick transportation. All six carts were recovered, Security Chief Greg Remson reported Tuesday, and some of the owners even made it easy for the thieves by leaving the keys in the ignition. Read more » about After six thefts, Security says watch your cart

Teens sought in series of vandalism incidents

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A group of teenagers on bikes is suspected in vandalism incidents that occurred on the North and South early Monday morning, Security Chief Greg Remson reported Tuesday. Incidents involved property on De La Cruz, Rio Oso, Seguridad and Via Sereno drives and the North Course.


Vandals knocked two letters off the Fairways sign. Read more » about Teens sought in series of vandalism incidents

Thefts on North and South prompt warning

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Security received three reports of thefts Saturday. In two incidents on the South, cash and other items were reported taken from two unlocked vehicles parked overnight in driveways on Wadkins Court and Callaway Drive, Security Chief Greg Remson said Monday.  A garage on Venado Drive on the North was entered too, he said, and fishing equipment was reported stolen. Read more » about Thefts on North and South prompt warning

Burglars hit three Murieta Plaza businesses

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The door of Murieta Salon was forced open by burglars.

Three businesses at Murieta Plaza were broken into early Saturday, losing merchandise as well as office and entertainment equipment, according to Rancho Murieta Security.

Hit in the burglaries were Murieta Salon, Hip Entertainment and Socially Responsible Food Group.  The salon is on the ground floor of one Plaza building and the other businesses are on the second floor of an adjacent building.  Security said the burglaries occurred between 2:30 and 7 a.m.

Joan Williams, owner of Murieta Salon, said the break-in was discovered when the first salon employee arrived for work around 7 a.m.  Read more » about Burglars hit three Murieta Plaza businesses

CSD revises DUI plan to address concerns

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Reward offered in killing of swan at Clementia

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Swans have taken up residence at Lake Clementia.

A reward of up to $1,000 is being offered for information after a swan was shot and killed Wednesday morning at Lake Clementia.

A Rancho Murieta Association maintenance worker reported hearing what sounded like a gunshot and seeing a swan in flight drop from the sky about 9 a.m. Security responded, the area around the lake was searched, residents hiking the trails around the lake were interviewed, and the Sacramento Sheriff's Department and the California Department of Fish & Game were notified.

"It's illegal to discharge a firearm in that area, and there's definitely no hunting," Security Chief Greg Remson said. Read more » about Reward offered in killing of swan at Clementia

Thieves shatter storefront but don't get ATM

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ATM theft

Customers trying to enter Burger King Sunday morning saw the remains of an overnight theft attempt -- a broken door and window frame and the remains of the ATM.

Thieves tried to steal the ATM machine early Sunday from the Country Store/Burger King business on Jackson Road at the North Gate. The thieves -- interrupted by Rancho Murieta Security -- failed to get the machine or its money.

Sunday morning’s opening of Burger King was delayed as store employees cleaned up broken glass and the door and window frame. The shattered ATM lay on its side inside the store. Read more » about Thieves shatter storefront but don't get ATM


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