Village gets the holiday season started

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Village fair

Murieta Village held its annual craft fair and bake sale Saturday, filling the clubhouse with tables of handmade decorative items, jewelry, knitwear, artwork and even freshly shelled walnuts. Vendors chatted with a steady stream of neighbors and customers to get the holiday shopping season off to a robust start. Read more » about Village gets the holiday season started

Village craft fair and bake sale Saturday

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The holiday season kicks off Saturday with the annual Murieta Village craft fair and bake sale. The event takes place at the Murieta Village Clubhouse from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cookies and coffee will be served at the door. Read more » about Village craft fair and bake sale Saturday

On Zancada Court, it's Halloween showtime!

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Zancada Halloween

Some Murietans trick out their yards for Halloween, and some have mechanical decorations, but D.J. and Nancy Martin of Zancada Court have the decorated yard, the mechanicals and, when they hoist the garage door, a full-blown, automated Halloween show for the kids. D.J. Martin said he built and fine-tuned the show over 15 years in the other places where they’ve lived, in Northern California and North Carolina. He constructed it out of salvaged electronics and mechanical pieces ("with some dumpster diving,” he adds). The Martins moved to Murieta South 11 months ago, so this is their first Halloween here. If you attend their show, which will run every 20 minutes Saturday night, you’ll have a chance to contribute to the Bastian family medical fund. A neighbor posted about this in the Forums and included a video link, so check that out. Read more » about On Zancada Court, it's Halloween showtime!

Trick or treat! (Small bills, please)

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Halloween at Plaza

Red square Photo gallery: 12 shots of the Plaza trick-or-treaters

Halloween arrived a few days early when Rancho Murieta Learning Center pre-schoolers lined up in pairs to trick or treat at neighboring businesses in Murieta Plaza Wednesday morning. One of the stops on their route was El Dorado Savings Bank. Read more » about Trick or treat! (Small bills, please)

Was it hot? Sure, but it's July 4

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July 4 parade

Parade participants lined Murieta Parkway Saturday morning.

Triple-digit temperatures are common in this part of the world in July, but even after all these years, Rancho Murieta’s July 4 remains uncommon. It’s a day put on by volunteer organizations and Rancho Murieta Association staffers who work so we can enjoy the holiday.

Happy crowds took the heat in stride during the day’s events. The temperature was pleasant for the morning and evening activities, and even the mid-day Lake Clementia carnival, when the sun was starting to scorch, offered shade choices and water recreation. Read more » about Was it hot? Sure, but it's July 4

Here's our July 4 schedule and safety tips

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Nine-year-old Zachary Pennington, center, and 7-year-old Zachary Black enjoy some pre-July 4 sparklers over the weekend while learning about fireworks safety from the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. Note the bucket of water – important for dousing used fireworks. The Kiwanis arranged the get-together, and Beau Levesque, Kevin Osen and Captain Mike Deutsch represented Sac Metro.

July 4 is Rancho Murieta's biggest, best day. The population of the community swells with the parade, the barbecues and, of course, the fireworks. As much fun as the day is, it does require some caution. Here's the schedule for Rancho Murieta's July 4 and some safety measures to protect our children and pets -- and ourselves. Read more » about Here's our July 4 schedule and safety tips

Time to pick up your July 4 guest passes

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July 4 will be on a Saturday this year, which probably means a bigger crowd than usual. That's why you'd be smart to pick up your July 4 guest passes now, before the crowds descend on the RMA Building. (And you'll be helping your guests get in more quickly on July 4.) Get a pass even if the visitor is on your permanent guest list. A pass is needed for each vehicle, and each lot can have up to five passes for free.  Each pass after that is $5. Read more » about Time to pick up your July 4 guest passes

Nature's own happy new year

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New year flowers

Every winter, these paperwhites pop up at the corner of Rio Blanco Drive and Fuente De Paz, promising the spring that can seem far away on a frosty January morning.  The flowers have their own way of saying happy new year. Read more » about Nature's own happy new year

Merry Christmas, Rancho Murieta!

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This video takes you to events and homes that brightened our 2014 holiday season in Rancho Murieta. We owe thanks to the people who took the time to share. They created moments of happy community, everyone smiling and awash in holiday lights, when so much of our nation, not to mention the world, is angry and dark. Let’s all be grateful for our neighbors and the community we are privileged to share. Merry Christmas, Rancho Murieta. Happy new year.

Read more » about Merry Christmas, Rancho Murieta!

A visit to Santa's home away from home

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